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Round Pen Hire

The Round Pen Company

The round pen has many uses including improving the bond with your horse, starting a young horse or providing a safe, enclosed area for you and your horse to play, train or ride.

Our strong, galvanised panels are perfect for creating a temporary pen or as an extension to a stable. This is ideal for horses and ponies needing box rest or restricted grazing enabling a more natural environment for recovery without the added stress on owner and horse. Rehabilitation in a more open natural environment also lessens the risk of your horse adopting unwanted behaviours.

Pen for Hire

Easily assembled from barred panels 6ft high x 8ft wide, galvanised, lightweight, robust including a swing gate in a frame.


From £100 per month, £75 deposit (other timescales available, please ask)

The hirer is responsible for collection and return of the pen and for insuring the pen during the hiring period. Delivery can be arranged at separate cost.

For further details or for more information on our round pens please contact us.