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We are passionate about horses. About their welfare, both body and mind. Training is a rewarding exercise for us and our horses and we want to share our experiences and tools with fellow equestrians to get the best training facilities we can. I first came across round pens when I was introduced to western riding, the interest has grown and now I’d like to share the benefits with you.

Here are a few anecdotes from our friends:

‘I must admit I have been seen running around a 2 acre field after my horse when I found Monty Roberts and decided Join Up was the way forwards. The technique works wonders but boy did my legs ache!’

‘Did I ever tell you about me lunging the fat pony and ending up in A&E after hitting myself in the eye with a lunging whip? My workmates thought it was hilarious! My daughter told me it looked like I had a glass eye! It took weeks to get my eye right…lucky I didn’t lose the sight in it! Now it’s so nice to train at liberty’

‘When my son was learning to ride his dad decided, because the pony kept running out of the jumps, to put rope either side of the jumps and tie the other end to spare jump wings to stop the pony running out…the end result was him almost being garrotted by the rope as the pony ran under the rope and he refused to let go of the reins!

Please let us know your ‘funny’ story on our facebook page as I’m sure you’re not the only one to have experienced it.

Seriously though, as Natural Horsemanship and the associated trainers have become more popular, we have seen how a round pen can help in a horse’s training. The round pen has helped me bond with my horses, given me a chance to work them at liberty rather than on the end of a rope and given them time outside when on box rest. The more I looked into the use of round pens the wider the variety of uses I found, and I’m sure there are more to find.

We have formed The Round Pen Company to provide round pens at affordable prices. We hope that bonds between horse and rider can become stronger across the disciplines so making that beautiful partnership even stronger.

We believe in customer service as a top priority and welcome customer enquiries, reviews and feedback on our products or training issues. We aim for a response time of less than 24 hours, 100% of the time.

Let us help you fulfil the dream of having an enclosed safe area to work your horse with our affordable, quality round pens, together with support and access to ongoing training and information..

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