Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers …

Will the pen blow over in the wind?

Our pens are self supporting and will withstand most weather conditions, the wind will not blow over the pens when constructed correctly.

Will my horse push the pen over if it scratches it’s bum on the rails?

It is extremely unlikely (not happened yet!) that your horse will push over the pen if it is fixed together as instructed.

How do the panels fit together?

The panels fit together using a simple but strong pin system, top and bottom, which can secure the panels at varying angles, It eliminates the problem of having to line up both top and bottom connectors at the same time (which is very frustrating!)

Does the pen have to be round?

Our panels will fit together at varying angles including 90 degrees, so if you need a more of a square shape than round, these are the panels for you.

Will my horse be able to get out through the rails?

Our pens are made to the customer’s requirements and, as horse owners ourselves, we know how important it is to have confidence in our horses safety. Our panels have 4, 5 or 6 rails, maybe more or less, depending on panel height. We can help you decide which will be right for you.

Do the panels have to be concreted in?

No, although they can be. The panels are self supporting and can stand on grass, arena surface, hard standing, well almost any surface.

Does the pen have to be on a flat surface?

No, there is leeway with the connectors for uneven ground

What surfaces can my round pen go on?

The round pen will self support on most surfaces including grass, sand and chippings. The panels do not need to be concreted in although this is an option if you want a permanent structure (don’t forget to check with your local planning office first). We can provide modified panels if you want to use them in your arena, so the legs don’t come into contact with the membrane.

What surface is best in my round pen?

Which surface you decide on will depend on how you will use your round pen. Some work well with sand, rubber or a sand/fibre mix, others work well with just grass (maybe with mud mats around the edge for protection when lunging).

How do I know which pen is right for me?

Just ask us. We have over 30 years experience with horses varying from small ponies to traditional cobs and warmbloods. You are not alone in needing help with making decisions about your horses best interests, we’ve all needed it from time to time.


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