The Turnout Pen


The Turnout or mesh pen is a useful tool for horses and other animals where a railed pen is not suitable, and is ideal for mare and foal turnout with the mesh being foal safe. Like our other pens, the Turnout pen is available in any size required and can be made with taller panels or indeed lower panels. The mesh can be at ground level if required.

There are two versions of the Turnout pen:

Light weight round pen

A lighter weight, more portable pen for restricted grazing and allowing easy movement. This would normally take 2 people to achieve but is straight forward.


Heavier weight round pen

A heavier weight pen ideal for a more semi permanent structure.

Of course either pen can be moved or can be used in a permanent position. We have made the designs of the two versions slightly different to easily distinguish them from each other.

As with all of our pens, each one is made specifically to your requirements.


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