Round Pens

Which Round Pen is Right for Me?

We have a few designs for you to choose from, depending on how you will use your pen.

The panels making up the pens are fully welded, hot dip galvanised as standard and are 8ft wide x 6ft high. They are easily connected with strong steel pins giving a tight joint and allowing for uneven ground. Each pen includes either a swing gate in a 5ft wide x 8ft high frame or an inline gate, both opening either way for safety. The corners are designed for safety too.

Coloured powder coated pens are available for an individual look.

All of our pens are manufactured in the UK.

The Turnout Pen

This is ideal for the overweight pony who needs restricted grazing or ‘box’ rest for a recovering horse. The panels are made from strong steel mesh and box steel. It is easy to move about as the panels are lightweight and can form any shape required. There is no chance of legs getting caught if a pony plays up when left alone. The Turnout Pen can also be used for training so is multifunctional.

The Portable Utility Pen

This lighter weight version of our popular Utility pen ticks all the boxes for ease of movement, robustness, strength and versatility. With an aesthetically pleasing curve to the top rail, the Portable Utility Pen is available in all sizes and heights as required as well as being our favourite hire pen type.

The Utility Pen

A lightweight, portable round pen with 5 horizontal bars made from strong box. For training or riding the Utility Pen could be moved easily by one or two people to create a training space in a large arena or field as well as personal working area at shows. More panels can be added as the equine/human relationship grows.

The Classic Pen

Our truly heavyweight pen having 4 equidistant horizontal rails and expertly crafted using strong box steel. The Classic Pen is ideal for use at training or livery yards, vets etc where a stationary structure is required, although it does need two people to move it. The pen is of course robust and strong.

The Freedom Pen

Ideal for liberty work this pen offers a unique opportunity to share precious moments with your horse in partnership harmony.
This pen is also perfect for the smaller equine such as shetlands or mini ponies and horses, where the standard 6ft height, or even 5ft, is just too much. Available in railed or mesh design, the Freedom Pen is totally adaptable, available for portability or permanence.


When you have decided on the design which will suit you, what about size?

We can make any size of pen for you, but as a guide:

  • 30ft (approx. 9m) diameter   – turnout pen for a pony
  • 40ft (approx. 12m) diameter – turnout pen for a horse
  • 50ft (approx. 15m) diameter – training/riding pen for a pony
  • 60ft (approx. 18m) diameter – training/riding pen for a horse

We know it is a lot to digest, but I am sure we have a pen to suit your needs and budget, a bespoke service is available too.

Contact us now for further information or to discuss your requirements.

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