Round Pen Hire

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Hiring a round pen can solve a multitude of problems for horse owners : 

  • Improving the bond with your horse,
  • Starting a young horse
  • Providing a safe, enclosed area for you and your horse to play, train or ride
  • Extended box rest after injury
  • Restricted exercise
  • Mare and foal safe space
  • Trainer demonstrations

Really, the list could fill the page!

How to Hire:

Contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you with size and availability.

Pens are £200 per month, minimum 2 months (other timescales available, short or long term hire, just ask).

A refundable £250 deposit is required on booking.

Delivery is available, first 50 miles from us is FREE, the charge is then £1 pm, but you can collect / return if you would prefer.

Our strong, easily assembled, galvanised panels are perfect for creating a temporary pen or as an extension to a stable. This is ideal for horses and ponies needing box rest or restricted grazing enabling a more natural environment for recovery without the added stress on owner and horse. Rehabilitation in a more open natural environment also lessens the risk of your horse adopting unwanted behaviours. Unlike some others, our Turnout pen is an ideal safe space for your new foal and its dam.

For more information on our round pens please contact us

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