Top trainers discuss their views on horsemanship
Top trainers discuss their views on horsemanship avatar

By | 08/12/2023

Top Trainers Together

At the Horsemanship Showcase recently, 4 of the top trainers got together in the round pen to discuss their views on how horsemanship training is evolving and how our perceptions of the horse as a sentient being are changing also.

This event showed so much of how we can work harmoniously with horses and ponies across the disciplines, allowing them time and choices.

Interested in Horsemanship?

If you are interested in horsemanship, the discipline doesn’t matter, it’s attitude and a willingness to work with the horse and for the horse, and anyone can do it with their own horse or pony.

How to start?

The internet is full of videos and training … but how to start the right way is important. Take a look at a few trainers and their methods, pick one that resonates with you and your values then get in touch. Many trainers now have online courses to follow and are there to back you up, answer questions and generally help. They want the best for your horse too.

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