The Soggy Saga of Mud and Winter Horse Care
The Soggy Saga of Mud and Winter Horse Care avatar

By | 11/02/2024

The Soggy Saga of Mud and Winter Horse Care

We are in the rainy season it seems —a time when brown becomes the primary colour of the paddocks and waterproof gear becomes our second skin. As horse lovers, we embrace the challenge of navigating through the muck and mire, all the while attempting to keep our equine friends clean, dry, and somewhat presentable. So, grab a cuppa and a sense of humour as we delve into the delightful chaos of looking after horses in the wet and wild winter months.

Let’s start with the mud—an ubiquitous feature of the winter landscape that seems determined to cling to everything it touches, from hooves to noses, just look at Indie! Forget about trying to keep your boots clean; they’re going to end up looking like they’ve been dipped in chocolate by the end of the day, if only! Keeping a bin bag in your car for your ‘yard clothes’. And don’t even get me started on the joys of trying to navigate through knee-deep mud while leading a reluctant horse to the safety of the stable. It’s a slippery, squelchy dance that requires equal parts finesse and brute determination.

Mud Monsters!

Then there’s the challenge of keeping our equine companions clean and healthy amidst the constant onslaught of rain and mud. No matter how many rugs we pile on (if we can find a dry one!) or how diligently we groom, they somehow manage to transform themselves into walking mud monsters within minutes of being turned out. It’s a never-ending battle of wits as we attempt to outsmart Mother Nature and keep our horses looking presentable for a hack or that upcoming show or photoshoot.

Of course, there’s a certain humour to be found in the absurdity of it all. Watching horses frolic in the mud like overgrown toddlers, rolling and splashing with reckless abandon, it’s hard not to laugh at their sheer joy in the face of such soggy conditions. And let’s not forget the entertainment value of trying to catch a slippery, mud-covered horse who has decided that now is the perfect time to play a game of “catch me if you can.”

Mud Positives

But amidst the mud and mayhem, there are mud positives: there’s a special bond that forms between human and horse—a shared camaraderie forged in the trenches of the muddy battlefield. As we slog through the rain and muck together, we become partners in crime, united by a common goal of weathering the storm with grace and good humour.

So, here’s to the mud warriors—the intrepid souls who brave the elements with a smile on their face and a muck fork in their hand. Despite the challenges, there’s something undeniably magical about caring for horses in the rain-soaked winter months. After all, who needs dry socks when you have horses to keep you laughing, muddy, and thoroughly entertained all season long?

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